14.11 DPS050 – Data Privacy Statement Data privacy statement art. 13 statutory order 196/2003 “Law regarding the protection of personal data” DATA OWNER Every time a person accesses this website, data about identified or identifiable people may be stored. Vanessa House is the owner of the data. Head office is in Via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto,3 Olmo di Martellago Italy, tel. +393471271627, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Director: Moreno Damiani.

LOCATION OF DATA STORAGE Data concerning the website’s web services are stored at the afore-mentioned head offices by competent staff or by individuals in charge of occasional maintenance work. Data obtained from the web service will not be disclosed or shared. Personal data of users who request information material (bookings, CD-ROMs, newsletters, sales and reply letters etc.) will on be used to provide the services requested and will only be disclosed to third parties if this is indispensable (delivery of leaflets and newsletters etc.). Personal data of job candidates will not be disclosed under any circumstances. T

YPE OF DATA STORED Online data. The computer systems and software programmes employed for the functioning of this website collect certain personal data in the course of their operation that will automatically be transmitted when using internet protocols. Although information is not collected for the purpose of identifying users, it can make possible a user identification via the processing and linking of data owned by third parties. This data consists of the IP address and domain name of the computer used, the addresses in URI format (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of day of the server request, the method used for the server request, the volume of the response file, the numerial code regarding the status of the server response (successfull, error etc.) and additional parameters that concern the user’s operation system and computing environment. The above-mentioned data can only be used in case of computer crimes against this website for the attribution of responsibility. Data provided deliberately by the user. During the optional, explicit and voluntary sendig of e-mails to the e-mail-addresses listed on the website, the e-mail-address of the sender and eventual personal data in the message are stored. Short versions of the data privacy staement can be found on this website on the webpages where services can be requested.

COOKIE STATEMENT When supplying services with the above-mentioned purposes, the data owner uses cookies consisting of code parts of the browser. It should be noted that some of the purposes for the installation of cookies require the consent of the user.

TECHNICAL COOKIES AND COOKIES FOR THE OVERALL STATISTICS PROCEDURES REQUIRED TO ENSURE CORRECT FUNCTIONING The cookies used by this application are used to store the user data of this session or ensure the correct functioning of the website itself, e.g. regarding data traffic control. STORAGE OF BROWSER

SETTINGS, TO OPTIMISE BROWERS AND FOR STATISTICAL PURPOSES This application uses cookies to store browser setting and optimise user experience. Among these cookies are language and currency settings and settings regarding data management.

OTHER TYPES OF COOKIES AND TOOLS BY THIRD PARTIES WHO COULD USE THEM: Some of the services described below do not necessarily require the consent of the user or can – as already mentioned – not be managed directly by the data owner without the help of third parties. If services offered by third parties are amog the tools listed below, these can record user data – in addition to the above-mentioned and without the knowledge of the data owner. For further information, we recommend you view the privacy policy of the services listed:

STATISTICS This section is about the internet services that enable data owners to understand user behaviour via the recording and analysis of internet traffic data. GOOGLE ANALYTICS (GOOGLE INC.) Google Inc. (“Google”) supplies Google Analytics, a web analysis service. The data collected are used to record and analyse the application, create reports and exchange information with other services provided by Google. Peronal data can be used by Google to contextualize advertisements from its own advertising network and adapt them to customer requirements. Personal data collected: Cookies and user data. Location of data collection: USA – privacy policy – opt-out function

HOW CAN I MONITOR THE INSTALLATION OF COOKIES? Apart from the above-mentioned options, the user also has the chance to define the use of cookies in the browser settings and can thus – if desired – disable the installation of other cookies by third parties. Via the browser settings, deposited cookies can be deleted, among them the cookie asking permission to install cookies by this website. The disabling of all cookies can, however, limit the website’s functionality. The user can find information on cookie management in browser settings on the following websites: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Windows Explorer. Regarding the services provided by third parties, the user can exercise his/her right to object to tracking and make use of the privacy policies of the third parties via the opt-out link. Furthermore, users can visit the “Your Online Choices” website where users can manage the tracking settings of most of the advertising tools. The data owner recommends that users use this resource, as well as the options mentioned here.

VOLUNTARY PROVISION OF PERSONAL DATA Apart from the above-mentioned specifications regarding online data, users are free to transfer personal data in forms or in the “contact” section to request information material or other communications. Non-disclosure of this data can result in your request not being satisfied. It should also be remembered that in a few cases (not subject of the normal operation of the website), according to article 157 of the statutory order no. 196/2003, data and information can be requested by police authorities for the purpose of monitoring the storage of personal data. In this case, the disclosure of user data is obligatory, because otherwise a fine will be imposed.

DATA PROCESSING METHOD Personal data are only processed automatically until the purpose of data collecting is achieved. Specific security measures are in place to prevent data loss, an unlawful or incorrect use and unauthorised access.

USER RIGHTS The persons to which the personal data refer always have the right to receive confirmation of the existence or non-existence of these data, know their content and origin, check their accuracy and request their completion, update and correction (art. 7 of the statutory order no. 196/2003). According to this article, the persons affected also have the right to request the deletion, anonymisation and blocking of data processed unlawfully and can object to their storage in any case for legitimate reasons. Demands are made to the guarantor of rights.