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The consultation of professionals within the cleaning industry in the selection of sterilising products, along with the search for effective cleaning techniques, not only stems from the need to combat coronavirus, but is actually a process that began around ten years ago. 

In our b&b we have always strived to achieve the optimum in the cleaning and sterilisation of our environment. 

We would like to emphasise that, even when incurring economic loss, we at  Vanessa House b&b implement all legal obligations to avoid the spread of the infection. 

The products used 

Over the years we have tried and tested many products for cleaning rooms and sanitising in general. 

After many trial runs, and many tips from professionals within the sanitation sector, who work alongside us, we decided upon the products we are currently using. 

As indicated in the photo above, we use medical-grade equipment and cleaning agents. These professional products eliminate, due to daily use, any bacteria and viruses present on the surfaces in the rooms. 

The rooms of the b&b 

Rooms where people spend time in close contact with each other are always sources of spreading viruses and bacteria. 

Vanessa House b&b has only three rooms and, as such, even when fully occupied, the number of guests would never exceed ten people. 

All rooms have independent entrances from our car park and are located separately from each other in different areas of the villa.  

For the breakfast buffet, we have three outdoor tables arranged in the pool area, with sufficient distance from each other. 

The pool area is spacious enough to allow for reasonably sufficient distances between the occupants of the three rooms to be maintained. 

Cleaning frequency 

Unless otherwise requested by guests, the rooms are cleaned daily. 

The rooms are disinfected and the rooms aired every day. 

The cleaning cloths and solutions we use are replenished daily, mirroring  the same protocols employed in the cleaning of hospital environments. 

Sheets and towels are replaced at least every three days or sooner, if the situation requires it. 

Towels and blankets 

All towels, sheets, all tablecloths and most of the blankets are washed directly in our b&b with professional sterilising detergents. 

All blankets too large to be washed in an 11 kg washing machine are taken to a laundry room located near the b&b. 


Pool cleaning 

Every morning, around 6:30 am, the entire base and side walls of the pool are meticulously cleaned with an underwater robot. 

Each morning all the necessary checks are also carried out to ensure maximum water quality of the pool, whilst the acidity and chlorine values are also monitored and adjusted as required. 

 Disclaimer on sterilisation of environments 

We at Vanessa House always pride ourselves in maintaining exceptional standards of hygiene and cleanliness, and have done so for many years  prior to the recent Coronavirus outbreak. We would, however, like to point out that no cleaning regime can completely guarantee total sterilisation of an environment against this or any other virus. 

We will, however, continue to uphold the highest possible standards of hygiene, for the benefit and peace of mind of all of our guests. 

B&B pet friendly

Work in progress


BreakfastBreakfast at  b&b Vanessa House with: cakes made in home ( with cioccolate, apple, ecc. ), jams made in home

( figs, peach, pear, pineapple, cherries, strawberry, ecc... ), fresh bread every day, fruits, fruit juice and another many thinks from italian food !

In summer we have breakfast in a big gazebo outside in the garden and in winter inside the house in a big room with fireplace, tv and wii for young people.


  • Capuccino
  • Torta-al-cioccolato
  • biscottini
  • breakfast-chocolate-cake
  • colazione-torta-al-cioccolato
  • dolce-al-cioccolato-2
  • dolce-al-cioccolato
  • frutta
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  • img_1960m
  • img_1970m
  • img_2006m
  • img_2152b
  • img_2224a
  • marmellate-fatte-in-casa
  • merendine
  • torta-di-mele


Chocolate cake of b&b Vanessa House

Ingredients : 4 eggs 200 gr sugar 200 gr. butter 300 gr. 00 flour (about gluten free, replace with 250 gr of potato floor or 250 gr of corn flour) 20 gr. Backing powder 150 gr. dark chocolate 150 gr. milk chocolate


Take  4 eggs and separate white and red one

Add the sugar and butter to the red one eggs

Put inside milk and dark chocolate  and then add  flour and baking powder

Whisk the white egg  

Bake at 180° for 30/40 minutes

For any information

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.@gmail.com

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+39 3471271627

Elena and Moreno will be happy to provide you all the information necessary to be able to stay so calm and relaxed, enjoying a well deserved vacation.
If you have special needs in food, or other contact, you can also send an email to ask for availability from B&B near Venice Family rooms Vanessa House , rates or clarifications about the rooms, but also to know how to move to Venice, Padua, Treviso, where you can leave your car take or where to take public transportation.
We will put our experience at your disposal

You can ask for Elena
Double romantic room near Venice
Room near Venice Mini Suite Otello

Located on the ground floor, with separate entrance, it allows its guests to have the freedom and independence.

Otello beautiful room near Venice on the ground floor of the B&B Vanessa House

Inside there are:

  • private entrance with independent key.
  • private bathroom with big shower 90x90, bidet and WC.
  • big bedroom with king-size double bed and 1 single bed.
  • air conditioned in summer time and heating in winter time.
  • fridge.
  • view direct on the park of 5.000 mq.


Otello is ideal for double room, triple room and quadruple room.


Photo gallery Vanessa House, Venice, Padua, Treviso.

  • Bb_Vanessa_House_near_Venice
  • Bed_and_breakfast_near_Venice_Vanessa_House
  • Park_Vanessa_house_Martellago_Venice
  • Park_bb_vanessa_house_near_Venice
  • Park_bed_and_breakfast_Vanessa_House
  • Quadruple_room_near_venice
  • Swimming-pool-Vanessa-House-bb-by-night
  • Swimming_pool_Vanessa_House_bb
  • Swimming_pool_Vanessa_House_near_Venice
  • Swimming_pool_Vanessa_House_near_Venice_night
  • Swimming_pool_bb_Vanessa_House
  • Swimming_pool_bb_Vanessa_house_Venice
  • Swimming_pool_bed_and_breakfast_Vanessa_House
  • bb_vanessa_house_Venice_outside
  • bb_vanessa_house_vivaldi_1

Quadruple family room

  • Suite-vivaldi-bb-vanessa-house-1
  • Suite-vivaldi-bb-vanessa-house-2
  • Suite-vivaldi-bb-vanessa-house-3
  • Suite-vivaldi-bb-vanessa-house-4
  • Suite-vivaldi-bb-vanessa-house-5
  • Suite-vivaldi-bb-vanessa-house-6
  • Vanessa_House_bathroom_-mirror
  • vanessa_house_bathroom
  • vanessa_house_venice_bathroom_shower

Triple family room

  • otello-1
  • otello-2
  • otello-3
  • otello-4
  • otello-a-0
  • otello-a1
  • otello-a2

Double romantic room

  • tiziano-double--5
  • tiziano-double--7
  • tiziano-double--8
  • tiziano-double--9
  • tiziano-double-10
  • tiziano-double-11
  • tiziano-double-12
  • tiziano-double-2
  • tiziano-double-3
  • tiziano-double-4
Golf club near the b&b Vanessa House

Golf club near b&b Vanessa House:

Golf Ca' della Nave

Address: Piazza Vittoria, 14, 30030 Martellago VE


  • Wednesday 08: 30-18: 30
  • Thursday 08: 30-18: 30
  • Friday 08: 30-18: 30
  • Saturday 08: 30-18: 30
  • Sunday 08: 30-18: 30
  • Monday 08: 30-18: 30
  • Tuesday 08: 30-18: 30

Telephone: 041 540 1555

Website: http://www.cadellanave.com

Holidays in Venice with high water

Work in progress

Horse riding centers near b&b

Discover the list of horse riding centers near b&b Vanessa House.

Horseback riding school

Address: Via G. Garibaldi, 17, 30030 Olmo di Martellago VE


  • Wednesday 08-20
  • Thursday 08-16: 45
  • Friday 08-20 Closed
  • Saturday
  • Sunday Closed
  • Monday 08-20
  • Tuesday 08-16: 45

Telephone: 349 499 2836

Website: http://www.ponyclubgirotondo.com/

Ranch La Siesta New

Address: via s.Elena n.36 - 30030 Robegano di Salzano VE

Phone: 338.6526722

Website: www.ranchlasiesta.it

Scuderia Ippogrifo

Address: Via S. Paolo, 40, 30037 Peseggia, Scorzè VE


  • Wednesday 08-19
  • Thursday 08-19
  • Friday 08-19
  • Saturday 08-17
  • Sunday 08-12
  • Monday 08-19
  • Tuesday 08-19

Phone: 041 449759

Website: http://www.scuderiaippogrifo.it/

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