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B&B Vanessa House: b&b near Venice - swimming pool - car park

 The B&B Vanessa House is a large private house with swimming pool, solarium  and park of 5000 square meters, consisting of only three rooms accommodates a limited number of people, ensuring privacy and tranquility at an economic price.

 Nestled in a quiet neighborhood among beautiful villas with large parks makes its guests relive an almost Hollywood experience. 
Being located on the outskirts of Venice just minutes from the motorway exit, Vanessa House is the ideal solution for visiting Veneto.
Reaching the main tourist destinations is extremely easy, in fact with a walk of two minutes you can reach the bus stop to go to Venice, if you move by car in five minutes you will reach the train station.
Upon your arrival the staff of the b&b Vanessa House is happy to give you all the information you need to make your stay unforgettable.
Camere vicino a Venezia b&b Vanessa House

The rooms of b&b Vanessa House

Quadruple, triple and romantic double rooms

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Cleaning with sterilizing detergents at b&b Vanessa House

Anti Coronavirus

Cleaning with sterilizing detergents at b&b Vanessa House

How we disinfect

For any information

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+39 3471271627

Elena and Moreno will be happy to provide you all the information necessary to be able to stay so calm and relaxed, enjoying a well deserved vacation.
If you have special needs in food, or other contact, you can also send an email to ask for availability from B&B near Venice Family rooms Vanessa House , rates or clarifications about the rooms, but also to know how to move to Venice, Padua, Treviso, where you can leave your car take or where to take public transportation.
We will put our experience at your disposal

You can ask for Elena

Photo gallery Vanessa House, Venice, Padua, Treviso.

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Quadruple family room

  • Suite-vivaldi-bb-vanessa-house-1
  • Suite-vivaldi-bb-vanessa-house-2
  • Suite-vivaldi-bb-vanessa-house-3
  • Suite-vivaldi-bb-vanessa-house-4
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  • Vanessa_House_bathroom_-mirror
  • vanessa_house_bathroom
  • vanessa_house_venice_bathroom_shower

Triple family room

  • otello-1
  • otello-2
  • otello-3
  • otello-4
  • otello-a-0
  • otello-a1
  • otello-a2

Double romantic room

  • tiziano-double--5
  • tiziano-double--7
  • tiziano-double--8
  • tiziano-double--9
  • tiziano-double-10
  • tiziano-double-11
  • tiziano-double-12
  • tiziano-double-2
  • tiziano-double-3
  • tiziano-double-4

Price and service of B&B Vanessa House

The cost of B&B Vanessa House includes:

  • Breakfast buffet
  • Daily cleaning rooms
  • Towels
  • Draps
  • Private entrance
  • Air contitioned in summer time
  • Heating in winter time

B&B Vanessa House, free shuttle service

The B&B Vanessa House is happy to offer a free shuttle service to and from the train station in Mestre (check-in day and check-out day).

This service must be requested in advance by providing estimated time of arrival and with a phone call to the arrival of the train.

This is a free service from 10:30 to 22:30.

For information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +39 3471271627

The consultation of professionals within the cleaning industry in the selection of sterilising products, along with the search for effective cleaning techniques, not only stems from the need to combat coronavirus, but is actually a process that began around ten years ago. 

In our b&b we have always strived to achieve the optimum in the cleaning and sterilisation of our environment. 

We would like to emphasise that, even when incurring economic loss, we at  Vanessa House b&b implement all legal obligations to avoid the spread of the infection. 

The products used 

Over the years we have tried and tested many products for cleaning rooms and sanitising in general. 

After many trial runs, and many tips from professionals within the sanitation sector, who work alongside us, we decided upon the products we are currently using. 

As indicated in the photo above, we use medical-grade equipment and cleaning agents. These professional products eliminate, due to daily use, any bacteria and viruses present on the surfaces in the rooms. 

The rooms of the b&b 

Rooms where people spend time in close contact with each other are always sources of spreading viruses and bacteria. 

Vanessa House b&b has only three rooms and, as such, even when fully occupied, the number of guests would never exceed ten people. 

All rooms have independent entrances from our car park and are located separately from each other in different areas of the villa.  

For the breakfast buffet, we have three outdoor tables arranged in the pool area, with sufficient distance from each other. 

The pool area is spacious enough to allow for reasonably sufficient distances between the occupants of the three rooms to be maintained. 

Cleaning frequency 

Unless otherwise requested by guests, the rooms are cleaned daily. 

The rooms are disinfected and the rooms aired every day. 

The cleaning cloths and solutions we use are replenished daily, mirroring  the same protocols employed in the cleaning of hospital environments. 

Sheets and towels are replaced at least every three days or sooner, if the situation requires it. 

Towels and blankets 

All towels, sheets, all tablecloths and most of the blankets are washed directly in our b&b with professional sterilising detergents. 

All blankets too large to be washed in an 11 kg washing machine are taken to a laundry room located near the b&b. 


Pool cleaning 

Every morning, around 6:30 am, the entire base and side walls of the pool are meticulously cleaned with an underwater robot. 

Each morning all the necessary checks are also carried out to ensure maximum water quality of the pool, whilst the acidity and chlorine values are also monitored and adjusted as required. 

 Disclaimer on sterilisation of environments 

We at Vanessa House always pride ourselves in maintaining exceptional standards of hygiene and cleanliness, and have done so for many years  prior to the recent Coronavirus outbreak. We would, however, like to point out that no cleaning regime can completely guarantee total sterilisation of an environment against this or any other virus. 

We will, however, continue to uphold the highest possible standards of hygiene, for the benefit and peace of mind of all of our guests. 

B&B pet friendly

Work in progress


The desire to have an always better b & b led us to make periodic changes to our structure. Over the years we have built the Vivaldi Suite, created an independent entrance also for the room Tiziano , replaced an outdoor gazebo with a pool of 9,5 m2 by 6,5 and created a solarium with deck chairs, sofas, tables andsun-umbrellas.

Some beds and mattresses had been changed, and our guests showed

great appreciation for these changes, but we were not satisfied yet.

Why renovate the b & b Vanessa House

We like traveling and we like doing it with style.

We carry out our work with passion, this obviously involves us a lot and so when we travel we always try to choose special structures.

Of course, the special facilities have a lot to offer and over the years we have enjoyed different details in different structures.

Every time we thought: "I like this!", We tried to make it even at the b&b Vanessa House.

So the b & b Vanessa House is the result of our ideal holiday.

New beds

During the years of b & b Vanessa House we have already changed the beds, several times the nets and even the mattresses.

The choice of new bed frames was not only given a greater comfort but also for aesthetics. We wanted to give our rooms something extra, a touch of refinement.

We therefore opted for padded and white beds. The search lasted almost the entire winter period and the delivery was made a few days before Easter.

New sheets

Sleeping well means also having comfortable, light sheets.

Matching quality with room aesthetics is always difficult. We were able to find sheets of excellent quality, smooth to touch and comfortable and matched to the type of room.

New lights

In Tiziano and Otello rooms we replaced the ceiling lights with beautiful chandeliers with drops and bedside lights with matching lamps. Obviously all the lamps are LEDs to respect the environment and limit energy waste.

It is not necessary to remember that the b & b Vanessa House is very careful to respect the environment and the electrical production is done in large part with 10 Kw photovoltaic system, hot water produced with solar panels and our plants are treated only with organic products .

And the future?

Nobody knows what will happen in the future, but we know very well which direction we want to take: we will continue to change. We already have in mind new ideas for the years to come and we are studying how to implement them in the best possible way.

Do you want to find out more?

Come and visit us




The b&b Vanessa House inserted among the best b&b in Veneto

The arrival of a new review for those working in the hotel industry is always a big event, no matter how many reviews you have or how many sites are talking about your structure.

That's why when it came to us that the Travel365 site cited the b&b Vanessa House among the best venues in the Veneto, it made us enormously pleased.

Our little bed and breakfast on the outskirts of Venice has had great praise.

Elena, as our customers can confirm, is really a handyman's landlord.

For Elena to offer a warm and friendly welcome is essential, but the things that most affect are the see it dart into the garden with the tractor while cutting the grass or see her cook delicacies.

All this hard work is amply rewarded by our guests with their sympathy and the great affection they show towards us while they stay at the b&b and through their reviews.

Thanks again to Travel365 for the wonderful quotation we invite you to read the article in full.

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