New rooms - b&b Vanessa House

The desire to have an always better b & b led us to make periodic changes to our structure. Over the years we have built the Vivaldi Suite, created an independent entrance also for the room Tiziano , replaced an outdoor gazebo with a pool of 9,5 m2 by 6,5 and created a solarium with deck chairs, sofas, tables andsun-umbrellas.

Some beds and mattresses had been changed, and our guests showed

great appreciation for these changes, but we were not satisfied yet.

Why renovate the b & b Vanessa House

We like traveling and we like doing it with style.

We carry out our work with passion, this obviously involves us a lot and so when we travel we always try to choose special structures.

Of course, the special facilities have a lot to offer and over the years we have enjoyed different details in different structures.

Every time we thought: "I like this!", We tried to make it even at the b&b Vanessa House.

So the b & b Vanessa House is the result of our ideal holiday.

New beds

During the years of b & b Vanessa House we have already changed the beds, several times the nets and even the mattresses.

The choice of new bed frames was not only given a greater comfort but also for aesthetics. We wanted to give our rooms something extra, a touch of refinement.

We therefore opted for padded and white beds. The search lasted almost the entire winter period and the delivery was made a few days before Easter.

New sheets

Sleeping well means also having comfortable, light sheets.

Matching quality with room aesthetics is always difficult. We were able to find sheets of excellent quality, smooth to touch and comfortable and matched to the type of room.

New lights

In Tiziano and Otello rooms we replaced the ceiling lights with beautiful chandeliers with drops and bedside lights with matching lamps. Obviously all the lamps are LEDs to respect the environment and limit energy waste.

It is not necessary to remember that the b & b Vanessa House is very careful to respect the environment and the electrical production is done in large part with 10 Kw photovoltaic system, hot water produced with solar panels and our plants are treated only with organic products .

And the future?

Nobody knows what will happen in the future, but we know very well which direction we want to take: we will continue to change. We already have in mind new ideas for the years to come and we are studying how to implement them in the best possible way.

Do you want to find out more?

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