Veneto - map

Staying in the Venetian hinterland offers tourists the wonderful opportunity to visit not only the magnificent Venice but to be able to travel around the Veneto region with greater ease.Visiting Veneto is a unique opportunity and more and more families and couples want to extend their stay periods in order to extend their visits to wonderful historic cities less visited than Venice.How to get around to visit the VenetoOur guests have often amazed us with their imagination in finding a way to visit the Veneto, but we think that the most classic trips are those within everyone's reach.

The simplest method that offers greater freedom of movement is always your own car: reaching Verona in an hour or Padua in thirty minutes via the motorway is extremely easy.

If you do not want to visit by car but prefer the train, the nearest train station is Mestre Ospedale, but you can also easily reach Mestre Centro or Maerne.

On the train, with a small supplement, you can also bring bicycles and thus be able to travel independently through the cities and villages of the Veneto without problems of transit or parking restrictions.