Prato della Valle

​Near the B&B Vanessa House  you can visit the Padova and the Riviera del Brenta. Of great artistic and cultural interest is also the Venetian hinterland where the Brenta River has a decisive part.​

Winding along the path of an artificial Canal digging by hydraulic fact of Republic where the closed designed by Leonardo are a testimony of engagement that was required for the project execution stage. Along the entire route, from the beginning of the lagoon almost in Padua, are found countless villas which were of noble Venetians: first that one encounters, coming from Venice, the palladian Villa Foscari “la Malcontenta”, one of the last is the villa Pisani, imposing size, whose park with great lake remembers lavishness of Versailles. 

Joints in Padova in a town where valuable, architectures, often holding a timeframe extremely broad: from the Church of Santa Sofia you reach until “Pedrocchi Café” through the Palace of the region, the giottesque Scrovegni Chapel, the Saint’s Basilica, the doors of Falconetto teacher of Andrea Palladio.

And perhaps Needless to say, Bartolomeo Cristofori, the inventor of "serious cembalo hammer" that was called piano, was born in “Padova” .