Orange jam

Homemade orange marmalade takes a lot of patience, but it pays off with a great taste, much more intense than the taste of store-bought marmalade.


3 Kg blond organic oranges
1.5 kg of sugar
Natural pectin as required


Peel the oranges
Put a third of the orange peels in a pot with cold water and boil for about 5 minutes, drain, rinse with cold water and repeat this step three times.
Cut the diced oranges' pulp, put it all in a high pot and add the peels, sugar, pectin
Stir well and put on high heat (keep stirring)
Boil until the desired consistency is reached, considering that cooling will become more solid.
Transfer the still boiling marmalade into the sterile jars and create the vacuum or turning the jar upside down for 5 minutes or boiling the pots or letting them rest for the night inside a cooler bag